WebPageSurfer – surf to all your popular webpages

Everyday, when I wake up, I seem to be going to the same sites over and over again, first a stop to nba.com, then to mashable and to digg and then maybe to inc or xkcd comics. Since I visit these sites almost religiously I developed a web tool that allows me to add those sites, and then with simple buttons on the top of the page navigate them (clicking either Next or Previous). Since I would like to share this tool with everyone I am giving an url below:


When you visit the page above, you are greeted with a login screen seen on the figure below. You can either login with the provided credentials (username:demo, password:demo), or you can create your own login by clicking the link above the username field.

When you login you can add sites that you would like to browse, using the WebPageSurfer. Here you can add or delete websites. One thing to note is that the script is not trying to prevent sites that do not want to be “framed” to do so. There are not frame busting busters for example. The sites like that include twitter.com and nytimes.com for example.
. The second screen is seen on the figure below.

The next thing is to use the actual WebPageSurfer, you can do that either by clicling Go to your surfer on the top of your admin page or by going to http://www.tdteam.com/webpagesurfer/surfer.php.

When you get to the WebPageSurfer page you can see a little bar at the top, with the Previous and Next Buttons, meaning you will be going to the next or the previous web site from your login. In the middle of the bar is URL of the site and on the right is the link to admin area and option to remove the frame.

Tell me what you think about the application…


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