Added support for SS connections and lag

Program for project scheduling made in Flex

OnTime program for project scheduling is located on this URL:

In couple of previous posts, I was talking about a program I made in Flex for project scheduling and financial analysis of any kind of building project.

This week I added two more things to the program about which I want to talk about in this post. There were 2 connections possible when connecting two tasks together. First one was FS – Finish Start and other one was FF – Finish Finish. Now program also supports SS connection – Start Start.

The other thing that was added is the ability to add lag with connections, so for example if we have 3 tasks: Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3, we can do the following:

  • connect Task 2 with Task 1, so that Task 2 will start 3 days after Task 1 is started, we do this by: 1 SS (3)
  • connect Task 3 and Task 2, so that Task 3 starts the same day as Task 2, we do this by: 2 SS

As you can see from the short example above it is optional to put lag into any connection, if however we want to add it, we have to specify it within brackets, where the number between the brackets will be set as lag in days (so connection 2 (8) will mean we want to connect current task with task with id 2, with connection FS (default connection) and lag of 8 days).

If anyone has any comments about the program, or what you miss in it, please let me know 🙂


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