Saving, exporting XML and importing projects from MS Project

In the previous two posts I have been talking about a program I build for project scheduling, and I would like to point some other things out about it.

Program itself can be found on:

On the bottom of the screen there is a dock with the following buttons (starting from the left):

  • Save project – name says it all
  • Export as XML – a new window will open and XML data will appear
  • Import from MS Project – this is in testing mode, and it only loads a sample XML project saved in MS Project
  • Show/Hide Columns – you can select which columns you want to see in the scheduling table
  • Show graphical data – you can view Flow Chat and Pie Chart of financial data
  • History – this is a list of all things that changed during the project scheduling
  • Notifications – a popup opens with data about latest user actions and other notifications

When you save a project, all the data associated with the project will be saved, that means that next time you open the project all the Undo, Redo functionality will remain active, all the history and notifications are also saved.

One thing to note about History pop up is that every history input also has a Boolean value automatic associated with it. All the history inputs that have automatic set to false or NO, means that that is the action the user did, the ones with automatic set to true or YES are changes made by the program. For example, if we change finish date of a child task beyond the finish date of the parent, along with child’s finish date being changed there will also be automatic change of finish date of the parent and that change will be noted as automatic = YES.


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