Wanna sell your website or build a statup?

Last night while I was doing some browsing in the web, I came across an interesting site called flippa.com. The idea behind flippa is that you can try to sell your site or even your business, on the other hand since there are sellers out there you can buy and get a website you like.

Let’s see what flippa says about itself: Flippa: The #1 Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites and Domains.


It is a cool idea and just by browsing around you can get a sense of things that people are selling and buying. One interesting section just sold seciton, where you can see projects, webpages and businesses that have been sold most recently.

One other site that I found recently and that I find useful, is startups.com. It is build on the same platform as stackoverflow.com (a site where programmers ask all kinds of questions). On statups.com people post all sorts of questions regarding startups, business, marketing, entrepreneurship and so on. Just by reading through the questions and answers you can gain lot’s of valuable information about the subject of startups. Highly recommended.



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